Distribution of your advert to specific targeted audiences

How effective is television advertising?

Television is rocket fuel for brands. It is irreplaceable and nothing waiting in the wings can do what TV does. Whether in the short term or the long, it delivers the most profit at the greatest cost-efficiency and for the lowest risk. Every major study into advertising effectiveness – including those commissioned by competing media – agrees that TV outperforms all others.



We will research everything from competitors to industry trends that are suitable for your venture


We will help identify who is your ideal target audience and the best way to create engaging content


We will see trends in your industry as well as out of the box ideas and incorporate it in your distribution plan


If you are from any country we can distribute in the Uk or vice versa

Television Advertising Strategy

Carefully planned and meticulously managed, the 3 stages of our social media management process dots all the “i’s” and crosses all the “t’s”

Stage 1: Research

We will extensively research the industry you are in and identify any advantages that can be developed

stage 2: production

Getting your engaing content out there to your specific target audience to generate leads

stage 3: customer retention

Not only do we help with new leads but also customer retention, our management ensures that

Create TV adverts via Studio Vega Myst Productions

By sheer coincidence, our sister organisation, Studio Vega Myst Productions, can handle the production of all of your social media advertising needs. Between SVM Agency and Productions, the entire management process is realised, produced and disseminated.

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