Creativity is at the heart of everything we say and everything we do


Look us up on the internet, and you may find via Companies House that our organisation is a rather young organisation…and when we say young, we mean 2021 young! Our organisation was actually born all the way back in 2011 from a humble, Stafford dining room table, with nothing more than a computer, a DSLR camera, and the dreams and aspirations of a young man, looking to find direction in life. Due to family bereavements, the first iteration of our organisation lasted until 2018

After a 3 year hiatus, with a few bumps on the road, a few more wrinkles on the face and marketing experience gained elsewhere, we’re now open for business again, but with a greater portfolio of services that we can now offer to you. Now, we truly are a full service marketing agency, eager to work and collaborate with people who we can share our passion and vision with


What we do

So, when we say full service, we really do mean full service! There are many strings to our bow, from Social Media Management, our bread and butter, all the way to Podcast Management and Livestreams. That 3 year hiatus was time well spent in developing other skills and attributes, and also having the opportunity to work with some prestigious organisations, like the BBC and the Big Issue Foundation. 

Our showreel will give you an insight into just what we can do, and exactly how we can benefit you!


What we believe in

Having an understanding of what you wish to achieve is key for us. How do we realise your vision if we don’t understand and invest ourselves and embark on the journey with you? Doing the job in the correct way, according to well established industry standards, and getting the fundamentals correct, leaving no stone unturned, and the results will speak for themselves

Jobs at Studio Vega Myst Agency

Here at Studio Vega Myst Productions, we’re always on the lookout for experienced, talented and creative individuals, to complement our teams, either on a permanent basis, or as a freelancer. If you feel you have the attributes and characteristics that we’re looking for, and you’re hungry to display your creative talents, then drop us an email with your CV and portfolio attached, to jobs@studiovegamystagency.com

A catchy and unique subject line may work in your favour, but we can neither confirm or deny this!